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Instructions to open a medical file

Convenience to provide medical service in an expeditions manner when we ask you to enter in our hospital commitment  to the following rules when  entering:

-Paper doctor converter

-Prior cases in the cold either in emergency situations is obtaining approval Ass

-Each patient is given a private file serial number , then be signed by patient or his representative(absence of consciousness-child under the legal age..) and become responsible*for all legal and financial arrangements*.

-Go to the department concerned for the service but if  you suffer from health

-Nurse to accompany you on the floor.

-if either type of service operation, youoriented to the operations department in the basement so that you consult a doctor anesthesic and after the completion of the section heading and then can go to the Office  of admission to end the transactions involved the guarantors.

-When you bring the  paperwork and approval delivered to  the Office of Access.

-When the delay in providing the service within the hospital may be caused by lack of approval by the  guarantors  that  you will review the Admission Office of representative,who is the guarantor of our.

-When you give it to derail patients by a doctor ask that  you will continue to abide room pending employee Admission Office for permission exit.

- Prefer to make an appointment to conduct lab tests and consult anesthesiologist and other  medica l procedures before the day of surgery by selecting the date  of the operation by the program in coordination between the Office of entry  and operations.

-If you want to  get the results of your medical tests, or you  submit an application at the Office of entry where the section athided time of receipt of the required.

-Under refused  service or refused treatment describe by doctor you bear all responsibility and signs the model predicted rejection.