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Benefits of Avocados
Avoids many of the bowl or avocado , due to the high proportion of fat in it , but mostly monounsaturated fat are beneficial for health , and heart health in particular , contains half of the fruit avocado significant 20 grams of fat , but two-thirds of these fats monounsaturated , which is free from cholesterol .
It also features a large half avocado fruit on twice the amount of dietary fiber in Tfahtin , and dietary fiber known to be very important in controlling blood sugar levels , and in the prevention of constipation and colon cancer.
Recent research has shown that avocados , an important source of chemicals plant , which bears the name of ( beta -sitosterol ), which helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.
Avocado is very rich in antioxidants ( glutathione ) , which helps alleviate the symptoms of premature aging , and to combat some forms of cancer, heart disease , due to the fact that antioxidants are able to neutralize harmful free radicals that attack healthy cells .
Avocados contain a large amount of lutein , which is one of the ( Rrotinoidz ), which protects against prostate cancer , and cataracts , and damage to the visual cells , and thus of blindness that afflicts the elderly.
Avocado is one of the important sources of vitamin E, and half the fruit large enough to provide all that is needed in the body today , of this vitamin antioxidant .
Avocado is rich in vitamins , especially vitamin another B, and mineral salts necessary , such as potassium and magnesium , avocado easy digestion , stimulates the liver and helps to discharge waste from the intestines , eliminates gases .
Avocado is almost complete food , helps to repair cells , and recommended capturing during the period of convalescence from diseases . And contribute to calm the nerves , and get rid of stress.
• the benefits of the bowl or avocado for hair :
Because it contains proteins and unsaturated fats , vitamins and minerals is very important for the growth of hair and wet and make it softer .
• the benefits of the bowl or avocado for skin:
Avocado of the richest foods in nutrients such as vitamin A major , D, E , and contain potassium which are essential elements for the growth of hair.
• the benefits of avocado bowl or to reduce the level of cholesterol :
Study showed that the avocado has contributed in reducing the risk of cholesterol levels Alsaie about 17 % when taken daily . According to a report of the American Journal of Medicine article Albetasitusterol natural that it has the ability to lower cholesterol levels in about 16 studies conducted on humans .
And the benefits of the bowl or avocado is not confined to the field eat it , because it has the characteristics of the other ,

The nutritional value of a bowl or avocado
Each containing 100 grams of the bowl or avocado half the fruit on 220 BTUs 0.20 grams of fat, 3 grams of dietary fiber 0.250 milligrams of potassium 0.33 milligrams of magnesium, 0.16 milligrams of calcium , milligrams and one of iron , 0.6 milligrams of zinc 0.11 milligrams of vitamin (C), 1.8 milligrams of vitamin (E), 0.70 milligrams of vitamin (B1), 0.16 milligrams of vitamin (B2), vitamin Melligraman (B3), 0.8 milligrams of vitamin (B5), 0.05 milligrams of vitamin (B9