Dar Al Amal University Hospital
Dar Al Amal University Hospital
26 years in providing excellent services. The hospital envelopes various spectrums of developed and modern technologies and services. Our aim is to lead in health services and over satisfy the needs of our patients. 
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Our Mission
Our mission is to provide high quality healthcare service to our customers. To do so, we must be in everlasting improvement to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.  The service we provide must be efficient, effective and efficacious based on evidence based practice and medicine. It should be delivered in high professionalism, at the right time, to cope with the spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological state of the customer and family. The workspace should be a safe environment for the customers and the staff. We believe we have an important role and we will do all it takes to maintain a healthier community and environment.
Our Vision
·         To be the first university hospital in Bekaa.
·         To be the patients’ first choice in healthcare services.
·         To be a training center for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers.
·         To have the well trained staff able to render the excellent service.
·         To have all the technologies needed and cope with all the advances in the field.
·         To be able to have the most of the services needed in healthcare.
·         To play an important role in spreading health, social and medical awareness in the community.
·         To do what we can in saving the environment.
Our Values
. Humanity: is the trait that envelopes our actions.
. Patient centered care: The patient is always right, and all the services should be responsive to the patients’ needs.
. Equitability: We respect all our patients, their dignities and treat them equally regardless of any social, religious, racial or cultural  
. Trust: Our relations with our customers are built on respect and trust.
. Ethics: Individual respect, honesty and fairness are our ethical values.
. Continuous learning: We support all kinds of training and learn