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The Hospital Safety Department was established in 2005 as a response to the accreditation requirement and international standards that all hospitals  and healthcare institutions should focus on the safety at any step of care giving. Safety also plays a role in ensuring cost effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency.

The Hospital Safety Department includes all 3 approaches to safety:

1-Infection Control And Prevention

The primary objective of the infection control program is to identify and reduce the risk of acquiring and transmitting infections among patients, healthcare workers and visitors. The protection is achieved by implementing several infection control policies

2-Patient Safety

The Patient safety role is to ensure that all incidents are properly handled, well investigated and to implement systems improvement to prevent other occurrences. The patient safety plays a major role in preventing accidents by applying risk management through the hospital to identify risks and prevent related accidents

3-Occupational Health And Safety

Occupational health and safety(OHS) works on  Protecting the staff in the hospital from risks resulting from hazardous factors.

Therefore, OHS aims at placing and maintaining workers in a safe environment, well adapted to physical and mental needs.

The OHS sets a mechanism consists on identifying  risks to develop and implement improvements and corrective measures.

Add to this continuo’s monitoring to make sure those policies, procedures and international precautions and safety dealing with exposure to biological liquids and hand washing…are applied.

All policies and procedures of the department are scheduled in a wide way and listed by  a reference and applicator by the infection control committee whom shares the responsible of any continuo’s and meeting every three month at  least to inform her about orientation and precaution continuously

The infection control makes a yearly revision to the environmental documented accountings and statistics, makes results comparison and analyze create schedule for treatment of any problem and perform quality ways by revision, statistics to make sure that the solution are efficient.