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Physical therapy

Our department services cover two main parts, one related to treating patients with a diagnosed UN rehabilitated medical problems, and another includes esthetic, sports, and relaxation services.

Medical part in our PT center has many specialties including:

- Pediatrics (a special treating room with all accessories).

- Neurological rehabilitation of central causes  (Bobath bed in).

- Neurological rehabilitation with peripheral causes.

- Orthopedic.

- Traumatic.

- Rheumatic.

- Four treating rooms in that equipped with all machines needed (ultra sound, electrotherapy,paraffangotherapy,electrical traction,infrared,kinitec).- Urinary incontinence with biofeedback machine.

- Pediatric respiratory rehabilitation (with one special room in).


 The beauty center covers three different services including:

 A- Sport and fitness (with a gym including several conventional machines and

     HUBER motion lab).


 B- Aesthetic services:

     - Mesotherapy service machine for face( wrinkles, hyper pigmentation,anti aging)  

       and body( Anti cellulite),

     - LPG cellulite relieving and body shaping machine,

     - Laser(Cutera) machine which is the last generation laser machine that insure  

       several goals: For hair removal , for treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB),

       for coagulation and homeostasis of benign vascular lesions( face and body), For

       treatment of deep wrinkles, for the reduction of red pigmentation in hypertrophic

       scars, and for treatment of warts,

     - Ultrasonic cavitations used for fat excess releasing, localized cellulite and cell

       mobilization for achieving slimming goal,

     - Electro stimulation machine that make torsion for the muscles that leads to

       tightening and firming of skin and muscles,

     - Press therapy machine for lymphatic drainage and body shaping.


  C- Relaxation services by hydrotherapy elements in, such as sauna and two butterfly jocose modalities.


Vision and Mission

-Our main goal in Dar Alamal University Hospital –Physical therapy center is to obtain a perfect level of quality, in the services and practice of our members.
Quality improvement is closely related to staff and patient’s safety meaning that risk reduction is integral to overall improvement of quality. Such risk could be found in clinical processes, as well as in the physical environment of care. It is, then, our responsibility as professionals and leaders to continuously monitor, analyze, and improve clinical and managerial guidelines and processes.