Dar Al Amal University Hospital
Administration mini descriptio
Hotel Services
Hotel Services mini descriptio
Medical & Nursing
Medical & Nursing mini des
Paramedical mini description
The Admission department hospital is responsible for organizing the admission of In
Biomedical Department
The Biomedical department provides, executes and manages the maintenance with highest
Financial Department
The Financial Department at Dar Al Amal university Hospital is responsible for directing and coordinating the development, execution and control of the Hospital’s consolidated Budget.
Formation and development
A-HOSPITAL SAFETY DEPARTMENT : The Hospital Safety Department was established in 2005 as a response to the accreditation requirement and international standards that all hospitals and healthcare institutions should focus on the safety at any step of care giving. Safety also plays a role in ensuring cost effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency. The Hospital Safety Department includes all 3 approaches to safety:
Human Resources
The Human Resources Department is responsible for establishing and administrating the hospital personnel program, including recruiting, hiring and terminating employees,
The Pharmacy Department is a patient centered care department responsible for the whole drug cycle management in the hospital by ensuring high quality services:
Hotel Services
The Dietary Department objective is to establish and encourage good nutritional practice and high dietetics
Evacuation and fire control
The purpose of the Fire Safety and Evacuation department is to identify the actions that should be taken by the occupants(patients, visitors, staff, physicians
General Maintenance
The department aims to maximize the quality and efficiency of projects execution and maintenance activities such as electrical
General Service
The General Services Department is responsible for the Hospital security, safekeeping
Housekeeping Department ensures that cleaning, hygienic services and safe environment are provided and practiced throughout the whole hospital sections, it includes
Medical & Nursing
Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)
This section provides an intensive medical and nursing care to patients suffering of
Cardiac Cath lab
Cardiac Catheterization is a procedure performed to verify the presence and degree of narrowing
Cardiology Unit
This department receives all the medical cases related to heart, such as : high
The most important objective of the chemotherapy department is to care for cancer
General Surgery
This section provides services for patients after undergo a surgical act. It also
Intensive Care Neonate(ICN&PICU)
The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) provides care for children from one month till
Intensive Care Unit(ICU)
This section is the center for all the critical and dangerous medical cases,
Internal Medicine
These department work to provide the specialized health care to the patients who are...
Obstetrics’ and Gynecology
It provides care for women at all stages of life—from adolescence to menopause and
Our department offers services for patients from three months to thirteen years old.
Renal Dialysis
The objective of the Dialysis department is to care for the patients who have chronic and severe malfunction in their kidneys and to execute dialysis process for them in the best conditions and highest performance in addition to the psychological and social relief.
Surgery Cardiac Unit(CSU)
This department provides the service number one in open heart operations in Baalback-
Anesthesia and reanimation
The Anesthesia Department provides comprehensive(complete) anesthesia services for surgeries as well as for non-surgical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
Emergency Room
The emergency department deals with large numbers of serious medical emergencies and trauma.
Endoscopy is a technique that enables physicians to explore internal organs: digestive, urinary, respiratory, etc…
Laboratory and Blood Bank
Laboratory specialty areas include: Clinical Biochemistry, Immunology, Endocrinology, Bacteriology, hematology and blood bank .
Medical Imaging
This department is divided into several units using different technics:
Nuclear Immaging
Nuclear Imaging Is an Imaging of the human body or any of its members by using GAMMA technique ,which works on detecting the spread of malignant diseases, especially in the bones, and to determine the inflation of thyroid glands and the presence of nodes that could affect it.
Operative Room
This Section Provides The required surgical treatments for patients under a high-quality medical supervision.
The pathology department is divided into Histology (study of tissues) and Cytology(study of cells).
Physical therapy
Services: Our department services cover two main parts, one related to treating patients with a diagnosed UN rehabilitated medical problems, and another includes esthetic, sports, and relaxation services. Medical part in our PT center has many specialties including: - Pediatrics (a special treating room with all accessories). - Neurological rehabilitation of central causes (Bobath bed in). - Neurological rehabilitation with peripheral causes. - Orthopedic.
This department prepares, sterilizes, stores and distributes medical-surgical supplies for patient care.