Dar Al Amal University Hospital
Health Tips
              - Sleep better : eating apples to combat insomnia and sleep deeply Sleeping helps fight premature aging and maintain youthful skin .

- Replacing white bread for Asmar : brown bread ( whole wheat ) has a greater proportion of dietary fiber , and is therefore more able to saturation , and the carbohydrates in the news the White cause large fluctuations in blood sugar levels .

- Drink green tea : try eating a cup of green tea a day , which prevents the antioxidants in the body’s cells , and reduces the possibility of the occurrence of cancer .
- Eating fish once a week : despite the fact that specialists recommend eating Sahtain of fish per week , but that eating one serving can help to improve the balance of brain chemicals , fish and beneficial to the health of the heart and brain

- Stop biting nails : the habit spoil the beauty of your hands and may cause cracks in teeth minute , raising the possibility of being struck caries may lead to small tears in the gums may cause sores and infections.

- Eat more herbs : eating between meals natural herbal where help digestion and rid the body of toxins and impurities ..

- Enjoy . Vacation : Take advantage of the holiday and tried to prepare a special program to relax and unwind after the trouble of a full week of work .

- Eat two pieces of chocolate a day : where experts emphasize that the chocolate away from you anemia and improves mood ..

- Use sunscreen : to maintain the integrity of the skin and protect it from wrinkles must use prevention cream before exposure to sunlight .

- Not to carry heavy objects : Stay away from any carry heavy bags so as not to affect the spine or on the way to stand up and walk passively .

- Pay attention to the color of the tongue : The color of the tongue can be a sign of health problems, so be sure to color and the acquisition of any different color , ie white indicates weakness in the immune system , and yellow indicates excessive food, drink and red at the tip of the tongue is an indicator of psychological stress .

- Hiking out of the house : the change and exit from the daily routine helps to boost morale and get away from stress and depression because we must prepare a program for walks outside the home and visit family and friends.

- Cleaner clothes : you may not see with the naked eye carry microbes , but changed its cleanliness and prevent any injury germs and microbes light , especially with the hot weather and the high heat of the sun .