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Rose water : Skin Luster glory of roses
       Because obsessed with women always pay attention for its beauty, and under this broad heading find women of priorities to take care of this beauty keep the skin supple and attractive , and is a rosewater natural of the most important means of skin treatment , the scan face every day of cotton wet with rose water makes the skin pure and beautiful , especially before going to sleep , also make your skin beautiful smell fragrant and distinctive. Works rose water is as natural as we mentioned Ai purify the skin of impurities, giving it elegance and natural beauty , so that benefit rosewater in :
Skin whitening resistance and dark circles
It is recommended by drinking rose water on an empty stomach , it works to lighten the color of the skin and Asfiha and getting smaller pores and is very useful for acne as it removes eye Swells by compresses , nourishes eyelashes , and resists dark circles .
The treatment of allergies and skin irritation
And eliminates also rose water on allergies and skin irritation and Altzlkhat , and indicates some beauty experts to be mixing rose water with a bit of starch and its use times in a row is a chilled whipped a very safe , and is used for children and Akabaraly alike , as it is useful to relieve the redness of the skin and get rid of the layer of coarse it.
Rose water and the beauty of the eye contour
It is worth mentioning when talking about the benefits of rose water for the skin , that rose water has positive and effective role in preserving the beauty of the area around the eyes , where the eye contour is a skin is very thin and delicate, so you need special attention and need to be a natural way to improve and increase the moisture and freshness and give it luster distinctive , washing through the eyes and its surroundings with a mixture of cold water and rose water , or by putting drops in intraocular cautiously so as to get rid of eye puffiness and dark circles using cold compresses rose water after waking from sleep .